Complaint Information and Form

​​​​All information requested on the complaint form is voluntary except for the name of the physical therapist/physical therapist assistant/athletic trainer; however excluding information may delay or prevent the investigation of your complaint. The board will accept anonymous complaints; however, in most instances, the board cannot effectively investigate cases where the complainant wants to remain anonymous. As much information as possible should be provided in connection with the complaint. The information on the complaint form will be used in part to determine whether a violation of state law has occurred. Attached a copy of any supporting documents you may have pertaining to your specific complaint.

Click here to file an online complaint with the Board.​​

​​Click here for a paper complaint form:  Please email the paper form to or fax to 304-558-0369.


Once the board receives the complaint form​, we will promptly mail a copy of the complaint to the Recipient (the person the complaint is against) and allow 30 days for response. Once we receive the Recipient’s response, we will then forward the response to the Complainant (the person making the complaint) and allow 21 days for response. Once all responses are received, we will then forward to the disciplinary committee. The disciplinary committee will bring forward the complaint to the board to determine the course of action for the alleged violation or whether the board has jurisdiction.

The board’s investigation process can be lengthy; however, the board will notify the Complainant a status report of the complaint in writing within 6 months of the complaint. A final order will be issued within 18 months of complaint UNLESS the Complainant and board agree in writing to extend the time for the final order.