Physical Therapy Compact

​​​​On June 07, 2018​, Gov. James Justice signed Senate Bill 1005, the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact Act, into law in West Virginia.​

As of Tuesday March 10, 2020 West Virginia became an active member state in the PT Compact.  Licensees who are domiciled in West Virginia are eligible to apply through the Compact Commission for a privilege to practice physical therapy in other states participating​ in the Compact without having to go through the process of getting licensed in the states where they are not domiciled.  To view the PT Compact Commission's official press release, click here​​.

Some eligibility requirements apply. For individuals who are not eligible, West Virginia-domiciled licensees can practice in other states by obtaining a license in each state where they wish to practice. For West Virginia-domiciled licensees who obtain a privilege to practice in the states where the Compact is in effect, those licensees will only need to renew their West Virginia license on the date when the West Virginia license expires. At the time of renewal, the West Virginia-domiciled licensee may choose which other states they wish to apply for a privilege to practice and all privileges to practice will expire on the date that the West Virginia license expires. Should a licensee move entirely to a new state, they will need to seek licensure in the state where they are domiciled.

To access the Physical Therapy Compact Commission Rules, please click here.


If you are a West Virginia licensee seeking a privilege in another state:​​

To review the fees and jurisprudence requirements in the state in which you wish to purchase a privilege to practice, click here​.​
To purchase your privilege to practice, visit​.

If you are from another state and seeking a privilege in West Virginia:

To purchase your privilege to practice in West Virginia, visit​.​

Verify a Compact Privilege:

To verify an individual's compact privilege to practice in West Virginia, please click here to be redirected to the Compact Commission's verification page.

**Reminder: you must maintain a license in the state in which you are domiciled (permanent address).