Board Members

​​​​​​The board may be comprised of seven members, all of which are appointed by the Governor to serve a five-year term. While it may appear that a board member's term has expired, please keep in mind that they continue to serve in their capacity until such time as the Governor's office re-appoints or replaces them.

​Term Expiration
​John Brautigam, PT, ATC
​Board Chair
​Stephen Young, PT, DPT, OCS
​Vice Chair
​Robert Haas, PT, DPT, ATC
​Travis Tarr, PT
​Ashley Mason, PT, DPT, ATC
​Jessica Santrock, PTA
​Robert Sellards
​Lay Member

Seven members may be appointed by the Governor. Five members are actively licensed physical therapists in WV which serve a term of five years, one is a actively licensed physical therapy assistant which serve a term of five years, and one is a citizen member or "lay" members which serve a term of three years.

The responsibilities of the board members are defined in the practice act (statutory law) and in the board's rules and regulations. Generally, duties of the board include licensing, maintaining the Rules and Regulations, handling disciplinary complaints against physical therapists and physical therapist assistants; as well as overseeing proposed legislation that could affect the practice of physical therapy.

Office ​Staff

Nonnie S. Holcomb, Executive Director

Lauren M. Boner, Administrative Secretary

Audrey M. Elswick, Office Assistant​