Renewal Information


​Renewals begin October 1 and end December 31 in the year your license is due to expire. There is no grac​e period for renewals. Licenses not renewed on or before December 31 will automatically become lapsed, and employers will be notified. You must not be working as a PT/PTA in West Virginia without having a current ACTIVE license.

LICENSEE PORTAL - You must logon to your licensee portal using the email address you have on file with the Board.  You can not share an email address with someone else. If you do not have an email address on file or your email address has changed please email the Board at or call 304-558-0367 to update this information.

CONTACT INFORMATION – Any change in personal/employer information must be updated prior to renewing online by updating this information within your licensee portal.

NAME CHANGE – ​If your name has changed, you request a name change prior to renewing by providing the legal document changing your name such as marriage certificate or divorce decree. ​

CONTINUING EDUCATION – All licensees desiring to remain active and in good standing must complete 24 hours of WV board approved CEs within the 2 year licensing period.  You must upload your continuing education prior to renewing your license.  The system will not let you proceed without doing so.​

RENEWALS - must be submitted by midnight on December 31. If you utilized the emergency/temporary absence rule, please download and complete the form below and upload it in your renewal application
Credit/Debit card is required for payment, and there is a small convenience fee.

Please remember to print your license, as our office does NOT mail a copy when it is renewed online.  Your license is always available to you via your licensee account.

​​​Please click here to access your licensee account​

EMERGENCY/TEMPORARY ABSENCE (PT ONLY) – If there have been any emergency or temporary absences during this licensing period, you must submit this form with your renewal by uploading the completed form to your renewal application.​

*Why is no grace period given for renewals?

Per legislative rule §30-20-15, “If a license is not renewed when due, then the board shall automatically place the licensee on delinquent status.”

This board allows three months for renewal season and provides each licensee with courtesy renewal reminders via mail and email within the first week. It is your responsibility to submit any contact information changes to our office as they occur. If you have not updated our office with those changes, your courtesy reminders cannot be delivered to you. Please see question number 9 from the FAQ tab for further explanation of the law regarding this issue.

Rule §30-20-18 (b) also states: “Any person regulated by the article shall conspicuously display his or her license or permit at his or her principal business location.” Your license boldly states the expiration date so that you may easily reference this information at any time.​